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Introducing TitanX 10.5: Compact Size, Award-Winning Performance

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Made in the USA

Experience the legendary performance of the TitanX series in a more compact package with the TitanX 10.5.

At 10' 5", this versatile kayak delivers all the award-winning features of its larger counterpart, packed into a maneuverable and agile design. Designed with our renowned Propel Pedal Drive, Springblade Rudder System, PivotPro Seating, and endless potential for electronics and motorization, the TitanX 10.5 offers unmatched stability and responsiveness. Whether you're navigating narrow waterways or exploring expansive lakes in search of your trophy catch, the TitanX 10.5 will get you there with ease.

It's convenient, without sacrificing performance.

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Titan X Propel 10.5


10'8" / 325 cm


38" / 96.5 cm

Fitted Hull Weight*

115 lbs / 52.2 kg

Fully Rigged Weight*

149 lbs / 67.6 kg

Depth at Beam

14" / 35.6 cm


475 lbs / 215.5 kg

  1. Bow Hatch Storage
  2. Groove Track
  3. Ketch Board Stager
  4. Built in Accessory Mount
  5. Propel Pedal Drive 701 Series
  6. Grove Track for PowerLink Graph Bar Accessory
  7. Through Hull Transducer Wiring in Hatch
  8. Inserts for bow Motor mount plate
  9. PowerLink E-Plate
  10. Groove Track Handle
  11. Accessory Mount
  12. Integrated Bow Battery Storage
  13. Quick Access Wiring
  14. Groove Track
  15. Integrated Rod Rests
  16. Internal Rod Tip Storage
  17. No-Slip Deck Padding
  18. Under-Seat Tackle Management Drawer
  19. PivotPro Swivel Seating
  20. Springblade Rudder Control
  21. Sidekick Wheel System Ready
  22. Flush Mount Rod Holders
  23. Groove Track
  24. Groove Track
  25. Powerlink Electronics Plate
  26. Springblade Rudder
  27. Power-Pole Micro Anchor Mount Ready
  28. Stern Motor Mount
  29. Groove Track/Carry Handles
  30. Power-Pole Micro Anchor Mount Ready
  31. In hull access
  32. Stern Battery Compartment Fits 100AH or Dual 60AH
  33. Cup Holder
  34. PowerLink E-Plate
  35. Forward Facing Rod Holder


Equipped with the renowned Propel Pedal Drive, the Titan X allows you to effortlessly navigate any waterway with smooth, efficient, hands free, pedaling to get you where you want to go. Glide through the water with ease and reach your favorite fishing spots in record time.

THE TITANX PROPEL IS Precision Control at Your Fingertips.

Experience the new Springblade rudder system, specially designed to give you ultimate control over your kayak's maneuverability. Effortlessly turn and track your way through even the trickiest water conditions, allowing you to access hidden fishing havens with precision and ease.

Motorize your Titan X

Titan X Bow Motorization Kit

Titan X Steering Kit Install

Titan X Bow Plate install