The Ultimate Family

Angler in camo carrying gun and walking alongside Native Watercraft Ultimate FX kayak in the water

The Next Generation Ultimate Hybrid Fishing Kayak

Ultimate FX 12

The Next Generation Ultimate Hybrid Fishing Kayak

This hybrid fishing kayak offers the best of a canoe and a kayak with sturdy standing ability and easy loading. These unique features gives the Ultimate FX Series a cult-like following. Fore- and- aft multi-adjustable seating provide for proper trim, plus high and low seating positions allow you to paddle out of the wind in the low position and simply lift and relocate for a high fishing/sight-casting positions. The patented, redesigned Tunnel Hull allows more foot comfort when standing and unmatched stability. This hybrid canoe/kayak is suited for bays, lakes and slow-moving rivers. Its open canoe-like cockpit offers ease of loading and unloading and makes this one of the premier fishing, hunting and camping kayaks on the water.

Top of fish sticking up out of water next to a Native Watercraft Ultimate FX 12

Ultimate FX 15 Tandem

The Next Generation Ultimate Tandem Fishing Kayak

This solid tandem, hybrid canoe/kayak platform makes fishing, hunting, camping or just a relaxed day on the water with family and friends an experience they will always remember. The Ultimate FX Tandem fishing kayak features two high/low seats for improved fish-ability and all day comfort and can be easily converted to a solo paddling boat for the days when solitude calls. In addition, the Ultimate FX 15 Tandem offers amble storage to meet all you kayak fishing needs.

Angler holding fish caught in a Native Watercraft Ultimate FX 15

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It’s also getting your hands dirty, and making your fishing kayak your own. In fact we love nothing more than seeing the incredible things Native anglers, paddlers, outdoorsmen & women do to their Native Watercraft. We love the brilliant accessorizing and outfitting - the amazing innovations of you, our Native Watercraft family. So please… search around our site. Watch our videos, check out our photos, and get inspired! We’ll keep building the boats. You keep building your personalized experience.