Choosing the Slayer Propel

My first thoughts when I finally set eyes on my brand new Ultimate FX 12 was simply this: Native Watercraft hit a home run with this kayak.  This kayak screams “designed by fishermen”.  The first thing I noticed was the seat.  It not only has the Native First Class High-Low seat, but it also gives the paddler the option of moving it forward or backward in the kayak.  I have spent a solid 7-8 hours in this seat with absolutely no discomfort or leg pain.  The seat also has an organizer that offers 2 slots which can hold up to 2 of the Plano 3500 tackle trays.  The rear of the kayak has a built in rear thwart with a gear track on each side, which are perfect for adding accessories like rod holders, light, and/or camera mounts.  There is also a large open hatch area perfect for carrying a crate, cooler, or a BlackPak.  The rear cargo area also has bungees to help secure your gear.