Jerry Hamon

Jerry has been kayak fishing for over 9 years. He has fished coast to coast in his lifetime, but much prefers to fish freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams in Texas with a fly rod. Jerry is the Vice President/Education Director of the Texas Council of the IFFF. He also is an Area Chief/Angler Ed Instructor for Texas Parks & Wildlife. In September 2013 he started the Mariner Sails Kayak Fishing Club and serves as President of that club. Jerry has been on pro staff with several kayak manufacturers and is currently on pro staff with TFO Fly Rods and Tenkara USA. Jerry enjoys traveling all over Texas and Arkansas speaking at fly fishing club meetings and expo’s, and also spends a lot of time volunteering with Heroes on the Water (DFW Chapter) and Reel Recovery Texas. Jerry is also active on the tournament trail and recently took first place, big bass, and big panfish in the 2014 World Championship Bass on the Fly Tournament on Lake Fork, TX. Jerry is married, and he and his wife Patty love to travel all over Texas camping, kayaking, and fishing.

Jason O’Brien

I have been Bass fishing for over twenty years and kayak Bass fishing for fourteen years. Bass is my species. I love hunting for monster Bass in a kayak. I am an avid kayak Bass tournament fisherman claiming consistent top placings, including a recent first place and team win (North!) in the CCKF “North Texas vs. South Texas” tourney, a best of the best bragging right tourney. I am also a proud co-founder of North Texas Kayak Bass Fishing Club (NTKBF), which is a tourney series made for off season fishing and is a great opportunity for first time tourney fisherman to get there feet wet.

Daniel Peters

I am a native Texan that has resided in the Northwest Houston area for 33 years. I am very active in the outdoors including hunting, but fishing is what I love, especially from my Native Mariner kayak. Since preserving the future is what fishing is really all about, I am also active in conservation efforts. As a member of the Seven Coves Bass Club, an 80 member Texas B.A.S.S Nation Club, I am proud to say that the club has been nationally recognized for its tireless efforts to promote self-awareness and positive actions towards our environment and the future of fishing. I am also the Director of the FMC United Way Fishing Tournament. Each year we hold a freshwater and/or saltwater fishing tournament of which a portion of the proceeds go to the United Way of the Greater Houston Area. Over the past four years the tournaments have raised nearly $60,000 for the United Way in proceeds and matching contributions.

Chad Lyden

I live in Southeast Texas and have been fishing both freshwater and saltwater for most of my life with saltwater being my preferred. I started kayak fishing about six years ago and fell in love with it with no looking back. About three years ago I got into fishing redfish tournaments and now spend the majority of time chasing redfish in the marsh and looking into expanding the area’s that I fish and fishing more tournaments. This winter I have started spending more time on the water honing my skills on winter time speckled trout fishing and looking at fishing some of the trout tournaments in the coming months.

Andru McDermid

Andru is a kayak bass angler in Central Texas. He fishes mostly Central Texas lakes from his red Slayer 12, but has kayak fished some of the best bass fishing lakes in the world. His favorite lake is Lake Dunlap, and his lure of choice is a senko. His largest bass to date is 6 lbs from Lake Falcon.

Ryan McDermid

As a child I grew up fishing the lakes and bays of Texas from bank and boat. It wasn’t until several years ago that I discovered kayaking as the premier way to access fisheries. I now bass fish predominately in Central Texas lakes and rivers both recreationally and competitively. I still fish Texas bays occasionally but more often than not you will find me fishing for bass. I complete in kayak bass fishing tournaments both locally and nationally.

Marcus Villanueva

I have been fishing since before I can remember, at least thirty-one years. I grew up bank and boat fishing for catfish and crappie in Central Texas with my dad. It wasn’t until a few years back when I got my first kayak that I was able to begin learning how to fish for bass. Ever since, I have focused most of my fishing time on bass. Since 2012, fishing kayak bass tournaments, I have placed in the top 10 a total of 12 times with two top 2 finishes and four top 3 finishes. I have been blessed to have a wife who enjoys the outdoors as much as me. We have kayaked/fished all over Texas, from the coast to far West Texas. Away from the water I like to write and make videos over various kayaking and fishing topics and experiences. As well as showcase some of my wife’s on the water photography. They can be found on my blog withoutapaddleblog.com.