Robert Griffith

I have been fishing for the past 40 years, and began kayak fishing about six years ago. I am an avid fisherman, spending most of my spare time on the water. My main focus are the bodies of water in Northwest Pennsylvania, but I also travel to neighboring states on a regular basis, mostly in the eastern Ohio and western New York areas. My two passions are panfish and bass, although I also dabble in walleye, and occasional salt water fishing when I can get there (striper, redfish, flounder, trout). I participate in local kayak fishing tournaments on a regular basis, with my highest finishes thus far being a second and third. In addition to open water fishing in a kayak or bass boat, I also ice fish during winter months to keep my skills honed.

Ricky Wolbert

Ricky Wolbert is a Philadelphia native, with saltwater in his veins. As a kayak fishing guide and tournament angler, he specializes in striped bass, bluefish, weakfish (grey trout), and fluke (flounder) with both fly and conventional light tackle, along the New Jersey shore’s beaches, back bays, and rivers, not to mention he likes to chase smallmouth bass and trout in the Delaware River as well. Rick is also a co-owner of Broken Rod Kayak Fishing Charters, an instructional, multi-destination and species guide service, offering trips in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He is a contributor for Susquehanna Fishing Magazine and Fishyaker.com, as well as a pro staffer for Temple Fork Outfitters rods, and a member of the leadership team with the New Jersey chapter of Heroes on the Water.

Jamie Pittman

I have been fishing all my life but out of Native Watercraft for four years. I am on the water somewhere every chance I get, usually every weekend, holiday, rain, shine, and yes snow too. I prefer river fishing, but do fish lakes when river conditions are too high. Myself and my better half love chasing big bronze on the Suquehanna and Junianta rivers.

Ed Humberson

I have been actively fishing freshwater from shore since childhood. Being from Pittsburgh, we have 3 major river systems, as well as numerous tributaries, lakes, creeks, and ponds where I have gained experience fishing for bass, trout, steelhead, walleye, catfish, and pan fish. I always love to sneak in a few hours of fishing during the evening after work, and on the weekends I tend to travel a bit farther for full day fishing adventures. When I am not physically fishing, I am reading, researching, or participating in forum discussions about fishing. I have always enjoyed throwing on the waders and hitting the creeks the most until my eyes were opened to the growing sport of kayak fishing. Ever since I picked up my first kayak (native redfish 12), I have been as hooked as the fish on my line. I love kayak fishing and participating in bass fishing tournaments with my local club Kayak Anglers of Western PA. I am also proud to use and support the Native brand in my fishing adventures.