Layne Ell

Layne Ell Hammonton NJ I am and avid bass angler and I fish over 100 days a year and my preferred method is out of my Native Slayer Propel 13! I fish locally with the South Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club. I have won the SJKBFC Angler of the Year title 5 times and I have collected 17 tournament victories. As a member of the SJKBFC, we not only fish tournaments but we work on lake cleanups and habitat enhancements and volunteer at local kids fishing derbys and other youth activity events. Besides competing in local tournaments in NJ I also enjoy competing in national tournaments such as the Kayak Bass Series, Kayak for a Cure and Hero of the Water Events. Let’s go Fishing!

Richie Moschella

Richie’s passion for the sport started in the early nineties. His Grandmother bought him a fishing rod and you can say that the rest is history. He was hooked at first bass! He subscribed to Bassmaster Magazine and watched many fishing shows on TV such as Fishing With Roland Martin, Quest for Adventure, and Bassmasters. Throughout school, his desire to fish and educate the public about the sport got a huge boost when he joined the Audio Video Club. He started to produce fishing shows that broadcasted on Public Access TV! He was even pictured in the yearbook reading Roland Martin’s “101 Ways to Catch Bass.” Fishing was his passion and being a professional angler was his goal! Once out of school he fished with as many different anglers he could and sharpened his skills as an angler. In 2009 he reconnected with an old fishing friend and launched The Reel Deal Fishing Show. The show was a hit on YouTube and also broadcasted on Public Access TV in North New Jersey. With views increasing daily and the public not getting enough of the Reel Deal, Richie took the show on the road. Through lectures, seminars, and other public engagements, Richie brings his years of experience on the water to you. He takes great pride in getting people hooked on the sport and making them better anglers on the water. Today Richie works with many great sponsors that have helped him live his dream of being a professional angler. He has fished with some amazing anglers and interviewed the best pros on the water. Skeet Reese, Shaw Grigsby, Mike Iaconelli, Guy Eaker, Bill Decoteau, and Darla Bardelli are just a few of the professionals that Richie has fished with or interviewed! Richie has been featured in Bass Angler Magazine, Bass Times, and also appeared on “Outdoors This Week” radio show with Darla Bardelli. Through all forms of media, Richie is living the dream he had so many years ago. He is The Reel Deal! Richie’s Accomplishments · Fished in tournaments with Bergen Bassmasters · Articles published in The Fisherman Magazine · Guest speaker at the NJ Edison Outdoor Show · Guest at the Ramsey Outdoor Show · Fishing Q & A in retail stores · Guest speaker at Paddlesport Kayak Fishing Show · Guest at Pequest Fishing Expo · Volunteered time in classrooms teaching kids about fishing · Worked with organizations: o Bergen Bassmasters o Heroes on the Water o USO Sponsors · Native Watercraft · Denali Rods · River 2 Sea · Riot Baits · Yeti Coolers · Thee Fisherman’s Soap · WackoJig

Kevin Romano

Kevin has lived in New Jersey his whole life with great fishing opportunities in both fresh and salt water he was fishing at the early age of 4 along side his grandfather. He has fished many fish species from Bluegills to Marlins. Fishing from shorelines, boats, and jetties. In 2010 Kevin purchased a kayak and the addiction has been growing rapid ever since. He fishes up and down the whole east coast fishing many tournaments. Still fishing both fresh and saltwater he has become very well known in the online kayak fishing community. Kevin spends some is spare time guiding new and even experienced kayak anglers along his local water. Kevin is a volunteer and big supporter of the Heroes on the Water NJ Chapter.

Jeremy Lukianovich

Growing up in south jersey I was exposed to fishing at a very young age. Some of my first memories are floating on a local lake fishing from a canoe. I got my first kayak at a very young age and started fishing from it soon after. Two decades later I still have that first fishing kayak, although the fleet has grown up a bit since then. I’m often asked what kind of fishing I prefer…my answer is always the same, if it’s wet I’ll fish it. Everything from chasing stream trout with a 1wt to chasing tuna in the canyons with standup gear. But given the option I’ll be doing that fishing from the seat of my kayak. I love taking people out who have either never paddled a kayak or never tried fishing from one. There is a certain joy in sharing something that has been such a large part of my life for many years. Most days, rain or shine, you will find me with a line in some body of water.

Edward Smith

My first memory of fishing was a day of catching Blow Fish on my grandfather’s boat and bouncing them on the deck. After that every summer weekend has been spent on the Bay or Ocean in my boat or my father’s boat. Several years ago I purchased my first kayak and have not use a boat since. I now have three kayaks and can be found in the back waters of New Jersey either fishing or guiding our nations veterans for Heroes on the Water. I am most famous for my Self Rescue Ladder that I invented and sell worldwide.

Bill Peraino

I started fishing some 40 yrs ago when my dad brought me carp fishing and later introduced me to other species including large and smallmouth bass. I consider both bass species to be my main target species now. I really enjoy finesse fishing deeper areas of all lakes for these bass. A few years back I was introduced to kayak fishing, and the rest is history; I am hooked!! Also a few years back I partnered with my buddy Richie Moschella to co-host The Reel Deal Fishing Show which has been on Cablvision TV here in North Jersey going on 4 yrs. Meeting our guests and many mentors in the sport of bass fishing and being exposed to various pro”s has really enabled me to become a better bass fisherman. We have filmed some great shows on some awesome bodies of water up and down the East coast. I also am a guide and volunteer with Heroes on the Water/NJ Chapter where it is a privilege to pass on some knowledge that was so freely passed along to me.

Sean Torpey

I have been fishing the sweet waters of Northern New Jersey since i was knee high to a grasshopper. I fish a Redfish 14 and an Ultimate FX 15 solo. You can find me pulling bass out of Crystal Lake in Oakland NJ or fishing with fellow Native Watercraft Pro Staffers Bill Peraino, Richard Moschella and Ricky Wolbert. I also spends a lot of time volunteering as an event organizer and fishing guide for the Heroes on the Water – New Jersey Chapter, where i am helping our veterans to relax, rehabilitate and reintegrate through the therapeutic qualities of kayak fishing.