David Posey

DAVE POSEY was born and raised in Destin, Florida. Dave has lived in Destin for 30 years and has been fishing the Northwest Florida Area for about 25 years. There is no place that Dave would rather be than on the water! You will find Dave spending most of his time fishing for Redfish, Trout, and delicious Flounder in the Flats of the Back Bays and Waterways. David is an extremely patient and knowledgeable guide, capable of teaching the most veteran of fishermen something new. David has a relaxed approach to fishing, which means people will have a great time, regardless of what the day holds. First class personal attention and a burning desire to catch fish are just some of the things you’ll get during a day with Dave Posey.

Michael Julian

From a very early age I have had a passion for fishing. Any chance I could get I was in the surf casting to bluefish and striped bass from the shores of Connecticut or on my uncles boat catching yellowfin and shark out of Montauk. I didn’t care what the fish or how I had to fish for it, I wanted to do it all. When I was 16 I began kayak fishing, and quickly realized all the benefits to such an incredible approach. This later evolved into paddleboard fishing, allowing a perfect combination of stealth, speed, and line of sight. The Native Versa Board is the evolution of the two with the ability to keep all the benefits of a traditional paddleboard along with carrying capacity and durability of a kayak. When I am not guiding or fishing kayak tournaments I also mate on a sport fishing boat fishing for tuna, sailfish, wahoo, and marlin.

Sam Ledford

Sam has been fishing the flats in the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. He has been fishing from a kayak for about 10 years . He uses light weight spinning gear using artificial lures targeting Sea Trout, Redfish, Snook and Flounder. Sam works at Bill Jackson’s Shop for Adventure and he enjoys rigging fishing kayaks and kayak repair. Sam is the founder of the Bay Area Canoe & Kayak Fishing Club.www.backfishingclub.com

Lynneia Holladay Kollmorgan

Grew up in Oregon where my Dad took me fishing occasionally when we had time. My Dad moved back to Florida and I visited him in August of 2012 where I spent my middle of the nights fishing off his dock on the St. Johns river and caught my first spotted sea trout. I experienced my first kayak fishing endeavor and was in love with that style of fishing! I moved recently to Florida September 27, 2013. I started kayak fishing in October 2013 and have been obsessed ever since. I involved my son in each and every moment of fishing and learning while sitting behind me on my kayak, the art of using artificial lures, earning the catch and enjoying the hunt. He has become an amazing little angler and extraordinarily talented with a top water lure, which is his favorite! The peace and serenity of nature and the ease of stalking trout and redfish was so amazing experiencing it from a kayak. I love fishing the inter coastal waterways. Having always been competitive, driven and very determined, I jumped right into tournament fishing. As my experience grew with hours on the water, my skill increased and placements started occurring. I have earned top ten trout at the Jax Classic, 6th place in the last series of NFKC and Biggest Trout and Angler’s for a Cure most recently! I look forward to many more adventures and tournaments with my son! We enjoy our fishing and time spent on the water together

Ken Taylor

Ken is a native born Floridian has been kayak fishing since 2000 when he won his first kayak as the grand prize winner in a catch photo release (CPR) snook fishing tournament. Ken fishes his home waters of Southwest Florida usually pedaling a Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel. He loves sight fishing for spotted seatrout, redfish, and snook in ultra skinny water and competing in kayak fishing tournaments. Ken is a past chapter president of the Coastal Conservation Association – Florida, a member of the IGFA – 25 LB Snook Club, and a Co-Founder of the No Motor Angler’s Club. Ken loves his Slayer 13 Propel as it pedals, paddles, and poles equally well when he fishes and stalks wary gamefish in the shallows and flats.

Keith Morrison

From a very young age I have always been passionate about fishing. I grew up fishing for bass in ponds, lakes and rivers around my hometown of Dothan, Alabama. I was given my first kayak by my uncle when I was 16 and the gift opened my eyes to a whole new style of fishing. I moved to Pensacola, Fl in September of 2011 and immediately knew that saltwater fishing was better than anything I had experienced before. I began fishing as often as possible haven’t looked back. I never pass up an opportunity to learn something new and also to share what I have learned with others. I began taking classes at the University of West Florida in the fall of 2012. In the spring of 2013 I formed a kayak fishing club at UWF with some of my fellow students and we competed in the College Kayak Fishing series where we took 4th place in the first year. I also enjoy fishing in other tournaments ranging from South Florida to Texas.

Jeff Altman

Born and raised in Jacksonville I have been fishing the area all my life. Growing up at the beaches I did a lot of surf and pier fishing as well as inshore for red fish, spotted sea trout and flounder. I started all my kids fishing at a very young age to help promote a love for fishing and the outdoors. I am very involved with Heroes on the Water North Florida chapter where I am honored to be able to guide our Military veterans to a day of fishing.I participate in many tournaments throughout the year to help support local charities and spread the word about kayak fishing in the community. In my spare time I can be found in my Native Watercraft Mariner 12.5 on the ST. Johns river or in one of the many creeks in the area.

Greg Becker

While I lived in NY, I was a licensed outdoor guide for 20+ years. I worked mostly in fly fishing, and introducing SOT freshwater kayak fishing in my area of the Hudson Valley.

I moved to Florida four years ago, and kayak fish primarily salt water on Florida’s West Coast with both fly and spinning gear. I fish local and some regional inshore tournaments, and do a lot of kayak fishing with my twelve-year-old son. We are both active in the Tampa Bay Chapter of Heroes on the Water.

I have been an outdoor writer for 20+ years for U.S. and Australian (Blade) print and online media, and contribute product reviews, fishing reports, and destination pieces to local, regional, and national forums. I am also the Editor of YakAngler.com and a regular participant/contributor on KayakFishingRadio.

Dave Harper

Dave ( GatorDave) Harper paddled his first kayak over 30 years ago fishing for Bass in the Chicago area. He has been fishing ever since and since moving to S.W. Florida in 1993 he has honed his skills chasing the bountiful saltwater species available there. He has spent many hours teaching visitors to the area to learn how to find and fish for local species with success. Dave also is very active with fishing Florida’s tournaments as well as the co founder of No motor anglers club fishing club and forum.

Craig Van Brocklin

Craig was raised in a commercial fishing family and started fishing at an early age. In 2007 he started kayak fishing to the point of giving his boat away to charity. He has placed or won 25 times in kayak fishing tournaments over the past 4 years and recently set the record for largest kayak tournament slam of Trout/Flounder/Redfish, 76” in North Florida. You can find him most days of the week fishing/guiding his Native Slayer Propel in the St Johns River and creeks. He is also the Treasurer of the NE FL Chapter of Heroes on the Water and feels honored to guide Wounded Warriors at the monthly events.