Adam Castle

I have always been a good fisherman. In July 2013 I got my first kayak and discovered what I have been missing in my life. Since that time i have sold my big boat and been fishing in my kayak no less than two times a week. I excel at trout fishing, white bass, hybrids, and soft plastics and top water for largemouth bass. I learn and adapt quickly to changing conditions and new fishing styles.

Tournament Record
CAKA, Hot Springs area any public water Bass tournament in AR – August 2015
1st Adam Castle 76.00″, 2nd Corey Hopper 65.00″, 3rd Jeff Otts 61.25″. Big Bass: Adam Castle 17.00″

CAKA Roadrunner River Tornament in AR – July 2015
1st Adam Castle 75.75″, 2nd Tim Payne 68.00″, 3rd Heath Long 53.00″

CAKA Forestry Lakes Bass Tournament in AR – June 2015
1st Adam Castle 65.50″ 2nd Heath Long 63.75″ 3rd Chris Geisler 62.50″

Central Arkansas Kayak Anglers, Little Maumelle River Bass Tournament in AR – May 2015
1st Adam Castle 71.75″ 2nd Charles Luong 67.50″ 3rd David Avery 61.75″

CAKA Hybrid/white Bass tournament in AR – March 2015
Adam Castle 1st, Brandon Pope 2nd, Marc Coats 3rd

Kayak wars world wide Valentine’s Day massacre in – February 2015
2nd 200 points

Kayak Wars / Kayak Man GOLD Points 2014 in – December 2014
12th Place World Wide 134 points

Kayak wars 2014 in – December 2014
South Central Region ( salt/fresh team 8th place), (freshwater team 4th place), (salt/fresh individual 7th place)

Central Arkansas Kayak Anglers, Trout Tournament 2/7/15 in AR – February 2015
Adam Castle 1st Marc Coats 2nd Charles Luong 3rd

Team X-treme Trout tournament in AR – January 2015
1st Adam castle 136 trout 2nd Tim Payne 71 trout 3rd Kevin Ubence 39 trout

Team X-Treme Trout Tournament in AR – December 2014

Team X-Treme November Trout Tournament in AR – November 2014

Team X-Treme Species Eliminator in AR – November 2014

Gerrad Golden

I grew up fishing a farm pond and small rivers and creeks. I still fish the same rivers but now I fish them in my kayak. I fish all kinds of tournaments. I am with a club called Arkansas Kayak Anglers. I have been kayak fishing for about five years now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I want to get more people involved in kayak fishing. Kayak fishing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. I like to show off my Native Watercraft Propel to others and talk about my experiences I’ve had.

Ben Morton

Ben is a self-taught angler who learned from experience while fishing the waters where he grew up in East Tennessee, and he is extremely passionate about what he does. He is an advocate of safe boating practices, catch and release, and proper fish handling techniques. He is constantly in the hunt for a personal best but is just as happy to enjoy a day on the water. Ben currently resides in Northwest Arkansas and is a founding member of the Arkansas Kayak Anglers Fishing Club and the RazorYak Tournament Trail. He also serves as coordinator, editor, and contributor for the OMTC Fishing Club Arkansas. Besides his contributions to AKA and OMTC, Ben is a ProStaff member for Ozark Mountain Trading Company as well as Golden’s Baits (owned and operated by a current Native Pro Staffer, Gerrad Golden.) Ben’s fishing experience extends through a broad range of species, locations, tactics, and techniques. He tries to split his time between rivers and lakes as well as trying to make it to the coast at least once a year. Ben is proficient and knowledgeable with both conventional and fly tackle and rigs his boats and equipment to meet his needs for any given situation. Ben is very active in his community and enjoys reaching out. He is glad to offer any tips or tricks one may need and is always ready to hit the water.