Philip Ptak

I am a 44 year old married Father of two teen age children. My son fishes with me and my wife and daughter love kayaking and camping. I have been fishing since I was nine years old and I have been a serious fisherman since I was 16. Living in Western NY we are fortunate to have many great fishing opportunities for many different species of fish. I am a multi-species angler and I fish for whatever fish happens to be “in season” at that time of the year. I fish for Salmon in the early Fall, Steelhead and Trout in the late Fall, I Ice Fish in the winter, Panfish and Carp in the Spring and finally bass fishing in the Summer. I use my kayak every chance I get. I really enjoy Salmon fishing from my Native Watercraft Slayer 14.5! In the past, I used to be a tournament bass fisherman and retired from that around 2000.