Michael Julian

From a very early age I have had a passion for fishing. Any chance I could get I was in the surf casting to bluefish and striped bass from the shores of Connecticut or on my uncles boat catching yellowfin and shark out of Montauk. I didn’t care what the fish or how I had to fish for it, I wanted to do it all. When I was 16 I began kayak fishing, and quickly realized all the benefits to such an incredible approach. This later evolved into paddleboard fishing, allowing a perfect combination of stealth, speed, and line of sight. The Native Versa Board is the evolution of the two with the ability to keep all the benefits of a traditional paddleboard along with carrying capacity and durability of a kayak. When I am not guiding or fishing kayak tournaments I also mate on a sport fishing boat fishing for tuna, sailfish, wahoo, and marlin.