Jo Starling

Fishing has always been in my life, but it only “took over” in 2007. Since that first all womens barramundi tournament in the crocodile-dominated waters of Australia’s Top End, I’ve been addicted. Having now shunned my corporate suit and closed my fancy-pants advertising agency, I focus entirely on fishing and fishing-related business. I’ve followed my lures all over Australia and further afield, casting flies or conventional lures at fish in New Zealand, Timor Leste, Cook Islands and Indonesia. Hailing from Darwin in the Northern Territory of Oz, kayak fishing was never on my radar due to my respectful wish to stay as far away from the crocodiles as possible. However, two years ago saw me relocate to the more hospitable waterways of the far south coast of New South Wales and thus, my kayak fishing adventure began! Whilst there are no barra down in these safer waters, there are plenty of other species to keep me constantly challenged and inspired. You can keep up with my adventures and connect with me on my Fishings cool page on Facebook.