Jeremy Lukianovich

Growing up in south jersey I was exposed to fishing at a very young age. Some of my first memories are floating on a local lake fishing from a canoe. I got my first kayak at a very young age and started fishing from it soon after. Two decades later I still have that first fishing kayak, although the fleet has grown up a bit since then. I’m often asked what kind of fishing I prefer…my answer is always the same, if it’s wet I’ll fish it. Everything from chasing stream trout with a 1wt to chasing tuna in the canyons with standup gear. But given the option I’ll be doing that fishing from the seat of my kayak. I love taking people out who have either never paddled a kayak or never tried fishing from one. There is a certain joy in sharing something that has been such a large part of my life for many years. Most days, rain or shine, you will find me with a line in some body of water.