Edward Crumb

My name is Edward “Ted” Crumb and I live in South East Virginia. I am 41 years old and have been hunting and fishing as long as I can remember. In the spring, summer and fall you can find me on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay fishing in my kayak. I fish as much as possible and try to be on the water at least twice a week. Fishing out of my kayak is a true passion of mine. I guess I could fish out of a boat, but what fun is that. I like to be next to the fish, on top of them or sneaking up on them. Waterfowl hunting has been a passion of mine since the first time I went. I try to hunt as much as possible during the season and spend close to 50 days hunting ducks, geese and deer. I believe there is a huge market for promoting kayak hunting for waterfowl, which I don’t see much…I want to be on the forefront of bringing kayak hunting to the public along with fishing!