Ben Morton

Ben is a self-taught angler who learned from experience while fishing the waters where he grew up in East Tennessee, and he is extremely passionate about what he does. He is an advocate of safe boating practices, catch and release, and proper fish handling techniques. He is constantly in the hunt for a personal best but is just as happy to enjoy a day on the water. Ben currently resides in Northwest Arkansas and is a founding member of the Arkansas Kayak Anglers Fishing Club and the RazorYak Tournament Trail. He also serves as coordinator, editor, and contributor for the OMTC Fishing Club Arkansas. Besides his contributions to AKA and OMTC, Ben is a ProStaff member for Ozark Mountain Trading Company as well as Golden’s Baits (owned and operated by a current Native Pro Staffer, Gerrad Golden.) Ben’s fishing experience extends through a broad range of species, locations, tactics, and techniques. He tries to split his time between rivers and lakes as well as trying to make it to the coast at least once a year. Ben is proficient and knowledgeable with both conventional and fly tackle and rigs his boats and equipment to meet his needs for any given situation. Ben is very active in his community and enjoys reaching out. He is glad to offer any tips or tricks one may need and is always ready to hit the water.