Allen K Reeves

I am 39 years old and I have lived in Arden/Asheville area my entire life. I mainly fish fresh water, but do enter into a couple of tournaments on the NC and SC coast once or twice a year. I am the founder of, one of the largest Kayak Fishing sites in NC and the only one in the Western part of the state. My site is a portal for helping newcomers find information, to help lead them in making the right decision for the right boat for them. We also are a gateway to the many products available to completely rig your Kayaks. We will be having some more Meet and Greets here soon, and hopefully will be able to have a few more Tournaments planned out for the reminder of the year and a schedule lined up for 2015!!! Keep up to date will all the local fishing hot spots on my Facebook page!!! If you have any questions about Native Products or just a good fishing spot, feel free to contact me. Kayak fishing is my passion, and I am privileged to stand behind such an awesome product. Native Watercraft!!!!