Adam Castle

I have always been a good fisherman. In July 2013 I got my first kayak and discovered what I have been missing in my life. Since that time i have sold my big boat and been fishing in my kayak no less than two times a week. I excel at trout fishing, white bass, hybrids, and soft plastics and top water for largemouth bass. I learn and adapt quickly to changing conditions and new fishing styles.

Tournament Record
CAKA, Hot Springs area any public water Bass tournament in AR – August 2015
1st Adam Castle 76.00″, 2nd Corey Hopper 65.00″, 3rd Jeff Otts 61.25″. Big Bass: Adam Castle 17.00″

CAKA Roadrunner River Tornament in AR – July 2015
1st Adam Castle 75.75″, 2nd Tim Payne 68.00″, 3rd Heath Long 53.00″

CAKA Forestry Lakes Bass Tournament in AR – June 2015
1st Adam Castle 65.50″ 2nd Heath Long 63.75″ 3rd Chris Geisler 62.50″

Central Arkansas Kayak Anglers, Little Maumelle River Bass Tournament in AR – May 2015
1st Adam Castle 71.75″ 2nd Charles Luong 67.50″ 3rd David Avery 61.75″

CAKA Hybrid/white Bass tournament in AR – March 2015
Adam Castle 1st, Brandon Pope 2nd, Marc Coats 3rd

Kayak wars world wide Valentine’s Day massacre in – February 2015
2nd 200 points

Kayak Wars / Kayak Man GOLD Points 2014 in – December 2014
12th Place World Wide 134 points

Kayak wars 2014 in – December 2014
South Central Region ( salt/fresh team 8th place), (freshwater team 4th place), (salt/fresh individual 7th place)

Central Arkansas Kayak Anglers, Trout Tournament 2/7/15 in AR – February 2015
Adam Castle 1st Marc Coats 2nd Charles Luong 3rd

Team X-treme Trout tournament in AR – January 2015
1st Adam castle 136 trout 2nd Tim Payne 71 trout 3rd Kevin Ubence 39 trout

Team X-Treme Trout Tournament in AR – December 2014

Team X-Treme November Trout Tournament in AR – November 2014

Team X-Treme Species Eliminator in AR – November 2014