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Pro Staff
Our Pro Staff may or may not make their living on the water but all of them have expert advice to offer!
Adam Castle
Hot Springs, AR, US
I have always been a good fisherman. In July 2013 I got my first kayak and discovered what I have been missing in my life. Since that time i have sold my big boat and been fishing in my kayak no less than two times a week. I excel at trout fishing, white bass, hybrids, and soft plastics and top water for largemouth bass. I learn and adapt quickly to changing conditions and new fishing styles.

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Ben Morton
Springdale, AR, US
Ben is a self-taught angler who learned from experience while fishing the waters where he grew up in East Tennessee, and he is extremely passionate about what he does. He is an advocate of safe boating practices, catch and release, and proper fish handling techniques. He is constantly in the hunt for a personal best but is just as happy to enjoy a day on the water. Ben currently resides in Northwest Arkansas and is a founding member of the Arkansas Kayak Anglers Fishing Club and the RazorYak Tournament Trail. He also serves as coordinator, editor, and contributor for the OMTC Fishing Club Arkansas. Besides his contributions to AKA and OMTC, Ben is a ProStaff member for Ozark Mountain Trading Company as well as Golden's Baits (owned and operated by a current Native Pro Staffer, Gerrad Golden.) Ben's fishing experience extends through a broad range of species, locations, tactics, and techniques. He tries to split his time between rivers and lakes as well as trying to make it to the coast at least once a year. Ben is proficient and knowledgeable with both conventional and fly tackle and rigs his boats and equipment to meet his needs for any given situation. Ben is very active in his community and enjoys reaching out. He is glad to offer any tips or tricks one may need and is always ready to hit the water.

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Gerrad Golden
Centerton, AR, US
I grew up fishing a farm pond and small rivers and creeks. I still fish the same rivers but now I fish them in my kayak. I fish all kinds of tournaments. I am with a club called Arkansas Kayak Anglers. I have been kayak fishing for about five years now and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I want to get more people involved in kayak fishing. Kayak fishing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. I like to show off my Native Watercraft Propel to others and talk about my experiences I've had.

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Benjamin Yu
Livermore, CA, US
I've been fishing since 2 years old throughout the waters of Northern California, as both a freshwater and saltwater fisherman. I specialize in fishing for bass and trout in the lakes and all of the saltwater species off the coast of CA. I have been a strong member of the Northern California kayak fishing community and am actively involved in many of our events and seminars. I am also a strong supporter of our Northern California Heroes on the Water chapter and have been involved in many of their events since the inception of the group. I love to talk about fishing, especially from a kayak. I love introducing new people to the sport of kayak fishing, and am especially interested in the hands free fishing aspect of the Native Propel Series.

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Dave Bennett
Murrieta, CA, US
Dave was raised camping and fishing in the remoteness of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. Working as a logger in the Pacific Northwest and as a commercial fisherman on the Bering Sea further strengthened his love of the outdoors before joining the Navy where he currently serves as a Senior Chief Petty Officer in Southern California. Dave enjoys the peace and tranquility of kayaking as well as the challenges associated with both salt and fresh water fishing. He is the founder of American Adventurist, an adventure travel enthusiast community dedicated to exploration, self-sufficiency, and preserving our traditional American values, culture and heritage.

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Jeffrey Poling
Middletown, DE, US
I have been kayaking fishing for five years and recently won the Hookset Kayak fishing tournament series this past fall. I am passionate about kayaking in particular kayak fishing and I am simply looking for ways to grow the sport. Previously I had competed and won several local and regional bass tournaments here in the area. I am currently a member of the Woods and Waters Magazine Pro Staff.

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Brad Kirn
Tallahassee, FL, US
A Florida resident for over forty years, Brad's Love of fishing began before he was ten years old. He began scouring the local ponds, lakes, canals, and creeks of Broward and Dade counties in pursuit of anything that would chase a lure. Over the past twenty years his focus has been fishing the Florida Panhandle in both freshwater and saltwater. His love of fishing and his appreciation of nature spawned his venture into kayak fishing. Whether he's tossing a fly for Largemouth Bass, or stalking Redfish and Trout with artificial hardbaits in the backwaters of Florida's Forgotten Coast, you will find Brad on the water every chance he gets. When not on the water, you can find Brad at participating in demos, monthly tournaments, and spreading the word about kayak fishing!

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C. Wade Hollowell
Viera, FL, US
C.Wade Hollowell has lived his entire life in Brevard County, Florida, home of the space industry and the world’s best red fishing. His first experience kayaking was as a child in the 70s in his father’s DIY Folbot super 17 kayak. Now, when he is not working as an engineer during the week he is on the water in his Native kayak, fishing the Space Coast inshore waterways. Wade specializes in fishing for reds, speckled trout and snook in the Thousand Islands of Cocoa Beach and areas of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge including the Mosquito Lagoon.

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Craig Van Brocklin
Jacksonville Beach, FL, US
Craig was raised in a commercial fishing family and started fishing at an early age. In 2007 he started kayak fishing to the point of giving his boat away to charity. He has placed or won 25 times in kayak fishing tournaments over the past 4 years and recently set the record for largest kayak tournament slam of Trout/Flounder/Redfish, 76” in North Florida. You can find him most days of the week fishing/guiding his Native Slayer Propel in the St Johns River and creeks. He is also the Treasurer of the NE FL Chapter of Heroes on the Water and feels honored to guide Wounded Warriors at the monthly events.

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Dave Harper
North Port, FL, US
Dave ( GatorDave) Harper paddled his first kayak over 30 years ago fishing for Bass in the Chicago area. He has been fishing ever since and since moving to S.W. Florida in 1993 he has honed his skills chasing the bountiful saltwater species available there. He has spent many hours teaching visitors to the area to learn how to find and fish for local species with success. Dave also is very active with fishing Florida's tournaments as well as the co founder of No motor anglers club fishing club and forum.

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Greg Becker
Apollo Beach, FL, US
While I lived in NY, I was a licensed outdoor guide for 20+ years. I worked mostly in fly fishing, and introducing SOT freshwater kayak fishing in my area of the Hudson Valley.

I moved to Florida four years ago, and kayak fish primarily salt water on Florida’s West Coast with both fly and spinning gear. I fish local and some regional inshore tournaments, and do a lot of kayak fishing with my eleven-year-old son. We are both active in the Tampa Bay Chapter of Heroes on the Water.

I have been an outdoor writer for 20+ years for U.S. and Australian (Blade) print and online media, and contribute product reviews, fishing reports, and destination pieces to local, regional, and national forums. I am also the Editor of and a regular participant/contributor on KayakFishingRadio.

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Jeff Altman
Jacksonville, FL, US
Born and raised in Jacksonville I have been fishing the area all my life. Growing up at the beaches I did a lot of surf and pier fishing as well as inshore for red fish, spotted sea trout and flounder. I started all my kids fishing at a very young age to help promote a love for fishing and the outdoors. I am very involved with Heroes on the Water North Florida chapter where I am honored to be able to guide our Military veterans to a day of fishing.I participate in many tournaments throughout the year to help support local charities and spread the word about kayak fishing in the community. In my spare time I can be found in my Native Watercraft Mariner 12.5 on the ST. Johns river or in one of the many creeks in the area.

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Keith Morrison
Pensacola, FL, US
From a very young age I have always been passionate about fishing. I grew up fishing for bass in ponds, lakes and rivers around my hometown of Dothan, Alabama. I was given my first kayak by my uncle when I was 16 and the gift opened my eyes to a whole new style of fishing. I moved to Pensacola, Fl in September of 2011 and immediately knew that saltwater fishing was better than anything I had experienced before. I began fishing as often as possible haven't looked back. I never pass up an opportunity to learn something new and also to share what I have learned with others. I began taking classes at the University of West Florida in the fall of 2012. In the spring of 2013 I formed a kayak fishing club at UWF with some of my fellow students and we competed in the College Kayak Fishing series where we took 4th place in the first year. I also enjoy fishing in other tournaments ranging from South Florida to Texas.

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Ken Taylor
North Port, FL, US
Ken is a native born Floridian has been kayak fishing since 2000 when he won his first kayak as the grand prize winner in a catch photo release (CPR) snook fishing tournament. Ken fishes his home waters of Southwest Florida usually pedaling a Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel. He loves sight fishing for spotted seatrout, redfish, and snook in ultra skinny water and competing in kayak fishing tournaments. Ken is a past chapter president of the Coastal Conservation Association - Florida, a member of the IGFA - 25 LB Snook Club, and a Co-Founder of the No Motor Angler's Club. Ken loves his Slayer 13 Propel as it pedals, paddles, and poles equally well when he fishes and stalks wary gamefish in the shallows and flats.

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Liam Callaghan
Tallahassee, FL, US
Liam is the owner and operator of Cast the Flats which offers guided fishing trips, fishing seminars and flats classes throughout the year. He is also a recognized tournament angler with the Bending Branches Fishing Team having won awards like the IFA Kayak Tour Overall National Angler of the Year and IFA Kayak Tour Regional Angler of the Year in the past. He participates in local and regional tournaments including IFA Kayak Tour, FCKA Classic, Rock the Dock and others. He likes to share his advice and experience with his community through seminars as well as mediums like GAFF Magazine, Coastal Angler Magazine, and Tallahassee Democrat News. He has even been featured on the VS Channel in multiple episodes showcasing kayak tournament fishing.

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Pepi Vidal
melbourne, FL, US
Pepi grew up hunting and fishing his whole life. Lived most of his life in South Florida fishing in the summer time and mainly duck hunting in the winter time. Pepi now lives on the Space Coast of Florida, and most of his fishing is kayak fishing now in and around the Mosquito Lagoon targeting Redfish, Trout, Snook, and Flounder. During the winter months you could find Pepi somewhere in the marsh targeting ducks and occasionally deer and hogs. Pepi is an avid kayak angler, and participates in many events and tournaments throughout Florida. Pepi is also a host on Kayak Fishing Radio on Monday nights.

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Randy English
Titusville, FL, US
I have been fishing the intercostal waterways of Brevard county Florida for most of my life. I have been fishing exclusively from a kayak since 2006 when I purchased my first kayak, a Native Watercraft Manta 12. I am 100% CPR (Catch, Photograph and Release). My targeted species are Redfish, Tarpon, Spotted Sea Trout, Snook and Black Drum. I fish from a kayak almost every weekend in the world famous Mosquito Lagoon, Indian and Banana Rivers, the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge and other areas on the Space Coast of Florida. I am very active in waterway cleanups up and down the Indian River Lagoon and take part in kayak fishing tournaments whenever work allows. I am on the pro-staff team at Kayaks by Bo in Titusville Florida where I rig kayaks for customers and help out by showing my 4 Native kayaks at their Demo Days on the Indian River. I love to take people out who have never fished from a kayak and love to see the excitement of catching their first fish and getting them hooked on kayak angling.

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Rusty Driver
Sarasota, FL, US
Rusty Driver is a 3rd Generation Floridian that makes Sarasota his home. He has had a love for being on the water since he was a young boy fishing with his grandfather on the bay. As a young boy he found the fish in the nearby bays and rivers. He would explore on foot, by kayak.

He is an avid tournament fisherman who fishes out of a Native Manta Ray 14 and a Native Slayer14.5.He has fished for everything from Deep Water Pelagics to Bonefish in the skinniest of water. His true passion however is fishing the bays and the mangove lined backwaters looking for Snook, Reds, and Trout using artificials. He currently works at Yellowfin Yachts and is the kayak fishing rep for Economy Tackle/Dolphin Paddlesports in Sarasota Florida.

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Sam Ledford
St. Petersburg, FL, US
Sam has been fishing the flats in the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. He has been fishing from a kayak for about 10 years . He uses light weight spinning gear using artificial lures targeting Sea Trout, Redfish, Snook and Flounder. Sam works at Bill Jackson's Shop for Adventure and he enjoys rigging fishing kayaks and kayak repair. Sam is the founder of the Bay Area Canoe & Kayak Fishing

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Scott Jontes
Port Orange, FL, US
I am a native Floridian who has lived and fished in the New Smyrna Beach/Port Orange area for over 30 years, in both freshwater and saltwater. I am an avid fisherman who spends most of his weekends pursuing his passion for kayak fishing. I love to help others and enjoy sharing the information I gather from my years of experience. I am the founder of the New Smyrna Beach Kayak Angler Group on facebook, the co-founder of, and holds pro staff positions with Aqua Dream Living, Galvan Fly Reels, Ram Mounts, Columbia Pro Team and I am a member of the HOOK 1 Crew.

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Steve Grafton
Port Saint Lucie, FL, US
I have been fishing for forty-five years. Do a lot of salwater and freshwater fishing. Live in Port Saint Lucie, Fl. near the Indian River Lagoon. Love the outdoors and taking people fishing. I am a Kayak Wars team member.

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Walt Palen
Lakeland, FL, US
Walt Palen was raised on the Southwest Coast of Florida on the pristine waters of Charlotte Harbor. The endless miles of the mangrove back country were a perfect playground for a growing boy. At age sixteen Walt became a certified SCUBA diver. Boating, fishing, diving, spear fishing, and water skiing were all part of the routine. A passion for fresh and saltwater light tackle artificial expanded to fly fishing and fly tying. Walt enjoys travel and has fished throughout the United States and Canada for an assortment of species. Last year he went to Nova Scotia hiking and targeting Atlantic salmon and he just returned from Washington State hiking and targeting salmon and steelhead. Walt is an avid inshore kayak tournament fisherman and took second place in the 2014 Adventure Fishing World Championship in the Everglades paddling 23 miles in one day in his Native Ultimate 14.5. Send him a friend request on Facebook at Shallowfly Walt.

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Tim Ivey
Gainesville, GA, US
I am from Gainesville, Georgia. I am exclusively a fly fisherman who enjoys fishing for warm water species such as bass, panfish, and carp in lakes, and small farm ponds. I fish from my kayak approximately 75-80 days each year. I have enjoyed fishing from my Native Ultimate 12 across the country and Canada. I am big supporter of Native Kayaks and I been using this brand of kayak exclusively throughout my fishing career.

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Jameson Olson
Huntington, IN, US
I've been an avid fisherman since I was a kid and discovered kayak fishing almost two years ago. I primarily fish the lakes and rivers in northeast Indiana and target largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, trout, panfish, catfish and someday musky. Northeast Indiana has a lot of little lakes that I enjoy exploring and fishing. Since I began kayak fishing, I've seen the sport slowly begin to grow here in Indiana. Seeing the potential for growth and the need for a gathering "place", I helped create a group called the Northeast Indiana Kayak Anglers. I also fly fish and bow fish out of my kayak (not to mention duck hunt).

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Matthew Schaefer
Lexington, KY, US
I've been fishing since I was 8. Three years ago I got turned on to the sport of Kayak fishing. Ever since then I've been hooked. In my first year I fished in a single River Bassin Tournament and placed in the top five. Last year I fished in the Elkhorn Creek fishing series sponsored by Canoe Kentucky and placed third overall in points and tallied one win. This year I co-founded the Bluegrass Yakmasters, a fishing club dedicated to growing the sport and protecting its natural resources. The club boosts over 70 members. This year I've been blessed winning angler of the year in both fishing series, tallying seven wins. I've also been nominated for Kayak Angler of the year.

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Daniel Biggs
Gonzales, LA, US
Daniel Biggs, also known as Biggie, grew up fishing rivers in South Louisiana with his grandfather. In 2011 he went out on a kayak fishing trip and after that day he hasn't stopped. When he isn't working, he is out on the water or helping with the Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club events. He loves helping new people learn about kayak fishing just as much as tournament fishing. There is nothing like the sound of drag peeling and a good ole cajun sleigh ride. Something about competition gets your blood flowing!

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William Decoteau
Hampden, MA, US
I have been involved in the fishing industry for over twenty-five years. As an Outdoor writer mostly covering Bass fishing my activities have and continue to be involved in the following areas; competitive tournament fishing, Host of The Bass Bureau TV Show, Co-Host of The Foxwoods Bass Challenge TV show with Professional Angler Lee Bailey, Several other guest appearances on a variety of TV Shows such as The Reel Deal Fishing Show, and Northwoods Outdoors. I am presently, the On-Site Coordinator for Professional Bass Anglers Mike iaconelli and Pete Glusek's The Bass University weekend seminar programs. I have and continue to work closely with our American Veterans and will be actively involved in the July Fishing For Freedom events on the St Lawrence River within the Alexandria Bay Area. My articles have appeared in Bassmaster Magazine, Bass Times Magazine, Bassin Magazine, Woods and Waters USA Magazine and variety of other over the many years.

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Joe Bruce
Westminster, MD, US
I have been an outdoorsman all my life, hunting, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. One of my joys is sharing my knowledge with others, so they too can enjoy the outdoors. I managed a Canoe & Kayak store for fifteen years, and owned The Fisherman's Edge Fly Shop in Baltimore, Maryland before I retired. I have taught hundreds of fisherman to fly fish and teach them to tie flies. I have introduced others to this sport of kayak fishing by taking them out with me and to see the advantages that kayaks have in a fishing areas that aren't accessible by other crafts. I have also written four books on fly fishing, five spiral bound booklets on fly fishing and snakehead fishing, plus numerous booklets and articles on fishing and fishing techniques.

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John Veil
Annapolis, MD, US
I have been fishing for more than 25 years, and kayak fishing for the past 13 years. Since retiring in 2011, I fish several days each week year round in the brackish tidal waters of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. All of my fishing involves medium, light, or ultralight spinning tackle. I fish with different techniques depending on the location, target species, and time of year. Generally that involves casting, jigging, and trolling 2-4 rods from my Native Manta Rays and Slayer Propel, but I also fish from my small center console boat. I also do a bit of freshwater and ocean fishing when the opportunities arise.

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Philip (PJ) Daley
Swanton, MD, US
PJ Daley, owner/operator of Savage River Angler, has been fly fishing since he was big enough to stand in a trout stream. He is willing to share all the knowledge he has gathered during that 35 year period. The western Maryland region has been his home turf for the last twenty or so years. Being a naturalist by education ensures that guests will learn about the flora, fauna, and wildlife of the region while enjoying time on one of the many streams or lakes in the region. In 2007, PJ accepted the Orvis Endorsed Guide Service of the Year award while operating a guide service at Wisp Resort. He was more recently nominated as the Orvis Trout Bum of the Month last year.

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Thomas Mange
Germantown, MD, US
Tom has been fishing the Potomac and Monocacy rivers for more than ten years. During this time, he has learned the most effective techniques to catch Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Perch and the much sought after Snakehead. Tom has owned and operated Kapital Kayak Fishing in Maryland and Washington DC for two years and loves guiding novice to experienced fishing through the natural beauty of these two rivers.

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Tim Carver
Mc Henry, MD, US
I am the owner/operator of Tight Lines Unlimited located near Mc Henry Maryland. I opened my company in 2008 offering guided wade and float fishing trips. My company is 100% CPR (Catch, Photograph & Release). I grew up fishing with my grandfather and now it is my passion in life. For the past five years my personal fishing has been done in the Native Ultimate 12. I specialize in fishing for Brown, Rainbow, Wild Brook Trout, Smallmouth, Largemouth and fresh water Striped Bass, Walleye, Carp, Crappie and Northern Pike. I am also an avid fly tyer when I am not fishing.

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Paul Baker
Moorhead, MN, US
I grew up in rural Minnesota fishing mainly northern pike, panfish, and walleyes at my grandparents lake home. I progressed through college to chasing more exciting game fish like bass, muskies, and salmon. My grandparents moved to Port Charlotte, FL so the last few years I have spent time bay fishing in gulf coast Florida as a southern activity. (redfish, snook, grouper, etc.) These days I spend my outdoor time doing some part-time guiding, fishing with my 3 kids, and getting new people introduced to the outdoors.

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Michael Ethridge
Hattiesburg, MS, US
I am an avid kayak tournament angler. I started fishing tournaments in the fall of 2011 and have participated in 29 tournaments, with 2 1st place finishes and 11 top ten finishes. Last year I participated in 15 tournaments and plan to attend a like number this year. I have participated in tournaments from Texas to Florida and love fishing new water. I am a member of the F'iN Crazy kayak fishing team and have been since its formation.

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Allen K Reeves
Arden, NC, US
I am 39 years old and I have lived in Arden/Asheville area my entire life. I mainly fish fresh water, but do enter into a couple of tournaments on the NC and SC coast once or twice a year. I am the founder of, one of the largest Kayak Fishing sites in NC and the only one in the Western part of the state. My site is a portal for helping newcomers find information, to help lead them in making the right decision for the right boat for them. We also are a gateway to the many products available to completely rig your Kayaks. We will be having some more Meet and Greets here soon, and hopefully will be able to have a few more Tournaments planned out for the reminder of the year and a schedule lined up for 2015!!! Keep up to date will all the local fishing hot spots on my Facebook page!!! If you have any questions about Native Products or just a good fishing spot, feel free to contact me. Kayak fishing is my passion, and I am privileged to stand behind such an awesome product. Native Watercraft!!!!

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David Hagerman
Rolesville, NC, US
Fishing is one of my passions in life and teaching kids and people and spreading the word of kayak fishing gives me a real enjoyment. I have been fishing for close to forty years and have been kayak fishing for about five yrs. I fish both salt and freshwater. I have fished kayak tournaments from NC to Florida, and kayak fish on a weekly basis. I have done many reviews on several websites. I have done demo kayak days and seminars at Bass Pro Shops and several other kayak dealers.

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Keith Hendrickson
Locust, NC, US
Keith is a freelance photographer and outdoor writer that has worked with the kayak industry since the mid 1980s. He started paddling as a teen in the early '70s and has fished all of his life.

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Kyle Hoover
Oak Ridge, NC, US
I have been kayak/canoe fishing for more than 10 years. I am a lifetime fisherman, growing up fishing the streams around, as well as within Lake Erie for trout, smallmouth, walleye and steelhead. My experience fishing the rivers of NC is vast and occasionally I will venture to lakes and the Coast, but my true love for fishing in NC is within rivers for smallmouth, trout and striped bass. I love using my Native Watercraft to gain access in remote areas for prime fishing. In addition to fishing I also enjoy viewing, as well as photographing, wildlife and the natural environment where I enjoy paddling and fishing.

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Matthew Frazier
Kings Mountain, NC, US
I am from Kings Mountain, NC. I fish from the mountains to the coast of North Carolina for smallmouth, largemouth, and inshore saltwater species. I enjoy introducing others to the great and growing sport of kayak fishing.

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Nathan Wiles
Graham, NC, US
Since 1984, I've owned and fished out of traditional bass boats and bay boats and had a passion for being on the water. It was not until 2009, when my son and I did a 3 day kayak and canoe trip down the Cape Fear River with his Boy Scout troop, that I began to appreciate fishing even more but in a kayak! Ever since that July trip, I've had a passion for the fastest growing sport of kayak fishing and ended up selling my boat. Since then, I've been involved as a board member for the NCKFA....our state wide kayak fishing association. I enjoy all aspects of kayak fishing as well as enjoy participating in dealer demo days, seminars on rigging and fishing and helping promote products I believe in. I usually fish approximately 10-12 kayak tournaments a year in the NC as well as traveling to FL and SC each year to fish in April and May in some of their events. Each year, there is a group of us who enjoy this sport so much that we are look to travel somewhere different each spring to experience kayak fishing in the utmost way in other parts of the US.

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Jeff Smart
Lincoln, NE, US
My fishing experience spans over 55 years. As a kid growing up here in Nebraska, fishing was often a family affair. Many weekends fishing on numerous rivers and lakes in our area. Mostly catfish during those times. After graduating college, I moved to Ft. Meyers Beach FL. After 4 years I moved back to Colorado Springs where trout fishing occupied my weekends. When my children arrived, fishing took a backseat. In 2008 when I herniated 3 disks in my lower back, I was forced into early retirement. I took up fishing again. After fishing for catfish from the bank, I became bored and wanted to learn to bass fish. So, in November of 2012 I purchased a kayak. I paddled that thing around for 12 hours. Next day, I could’t move. I returned that kayak and started looking for a boat. After many hours of searching for that perfect boat, I came across this peddle powered kayak. In January of 2013, I purchased my Mariner from Austin Kayak. I can honestly say, this kayak has changed my life! Not wanting to be confined to a wheelchair, my Mariner has provided me a way to stay engaged with life and people.

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Rick Forge
Moultonborough, NH, US
Born and raised in NH with over fifty years of chasing adipose fins with a fly rod. Registered NH Guide License #1 with over thirty years of guiding experience I also spend too much time out west and in Canada chasing my passion....trout on a dry. I spent twenty-eight years teaching and nearly forty years coaching (still do) at the high school level. I have taken my education skills and taught countless fly fishing and casting classes. Was on the "circuit" as a competitive caster for ESPN and OLN and now spend time on the lecture circuit. I write both a weekly and monthly column for both local and regional publications on the outdoors.

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Bill Peraino
West Milford, NJ, US
I started fishing some 40 yrs ago when my dad brought me carp fishing and later introduced me to other species including large and smallmouth bass. I consider both bass species to be my main target species now. I really enjoy finesse fishing deeper areas of all lakes for these bass. A few years back I was introduced to kayak fishing, and the rest is history; I am hooked!! Also a few years back I partnered with my buddy Richie Moschella to co-host The Reel Deal Fishing Show which has been on Cablvision TV here in North Jersey going on 4 yrs. Meeting our guests and many mentors in the sport of bass fishing and being exposed to various pro"s has really enabled me to become a better bass fisherman. We have filmed some great shows on some awesome bodies of water up and down the East coast. I also am a guide and volunteer with Heroes on the Water/NJ Chapter where it is a privilege to pass on some knowledge that was so freely passed along to me.

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Edward Smith
Thorofare, NJ, US
My first memory of fishing was a day of catching Blow Fish on my grandfather’s boat and bouncing them on the deck. After that every summer weekend has been spent on the Bay or Ocean in my boat or my father’s boat. Several years ago I purchased my first kayak and have not use a boat since. I now have three kayaks and can be found in the back waters of New Jersey either fishing or guiding our nations veterans for Heroes on the Water. I am most famous for my Self Rescue Ladder that I invented and sell worldwide.

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Jeremy Lukianovich
Lumberton, NJ, US
Growing up in south jersey I was exposed to fishing at a very young age. Some of my first memories are floating on a local lake fishing from a canoe. I got my first kayak at a very young age and started fishing from it soon after. Two decades later I still have that first fishing kayak, although the fleet has grown up a bit since then. I'm often asked what kind of fishing I answer is always the same, if it's wet I'll fish it. Everything from chasing stream trout with a 1wt to chasing tuna in the canyons with standup gear. But given the option I'll be doing that fishing from the seat of my kayak. I love taking people out who have either never paddled a kayak or never tried fishing from one. There is a certain joy in sharing something that has been such a large part of my life for many years. Most days, rain or shine, you will find me with a line in some body of water.

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Kevin Romano
Manchester , NJ, US
Kevin has lived in New Jersey his whole life with great fishing opportunities in both fresh and salt water he was fishing at the early age of 4 along side his grandfather. He has fished many fish species from Bluegills to Marlins. Fishing from shorelines, boats, and jetties. In 2010 Kevin purchased a kayak and the addiction has been growing rapid ever since. He fishes up and down the whole east coast fishing many tournaments. Still fishing both fresh and saltwater he has become very well known in the online kayak fishing community. Kevin spends some is spare time guiding new and even experienced kayak anglers along his local water. Kevin is a volunteer and big supporter of the Heroes on the Water NJ Chapter.

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Richie Moschella
Rockaway, NJ, US
Richie’s passion for the sport started in the early nineties. His Grandmother bought him a fishing rod and you can say that the rest is history. He was hooked at first bass! He subscribed to Bassmaster Magazine and watched many fishing shows on TV such as Fishing With Roland Martin, Quest for Adventure, and Bassmasters. Throughout school, his desire to fish and educate the public about the sport got a huge boost when he joined the Audio Video Club. He started to produce fishing shows that broadcasted on Public Access TV! He was even pictured in the yearbook reading Roland Martin’s “101 Ways to Catch Bass.” Fishing was his passion and being a professional angler was his goal! Once out of school he fished with as many different anglers he could and sharpened his skills as an angler. In 2009 he reconnected with an old fishing friend and launched The Reel Deal Fishing Show. The show was a hit on YouTube and also broadcasted on Public Access TV in North New Jersey. With views increasing daily and the public not getting enough of the Reel Deal, Richie took the show on the road. Through lectures, seminars, and other public engagements, Richie brings his years of experience on the water to you. He takes great pride in getting people hooked on the sport and making them better anglers on the water. Today Richie works with many great sponsors that have helped him live his dream of being a professional angler. He has fished with some amazing anglers and interviewed the best pros on the water. Skeet Reese, Shaw Grigsby, Mike Iaconelli, Guy Eaker, Bill Decoteau, and Darla Bardelli are just a few of the professionals that Richie has fished with or interviewed! Richie has been featured in Bass Angler Magazine, Bass Times, and also appeared on “Outdoors This Week” radio show with Darla Bardelli. Through all forms of media, Richie is living the dream he had so many years ago. He is The Reel Deal! Richie’s Accomplishments · Fished in tournaments with Bergen Bassmasters · Articles published in The Fisherman Magazine · Guest speaker at the NJ Edison Outdoor Show · Guest at the Ramsey Outdoor Show · Fishing Q & A in retail stores · Guest speaker at Paddlesport Kayak Fishing Show · Guest at Pequest Fishing Expo · Volunteered time in classrooms teaching kids about fishing · Worked with organizations: o Bergen Bassmasters o Heroes on the Water o USO Sponsors · Native Watercraft · Denali Rods · River 2 Sea · Riot Baits · Yeti Coolers · Thee Fisherman’s Soap · WackoJig

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Philip Ptak
Lockport, NY, US
I am a 44 year old married Father of two teen age children. My son fishes with me and my wife and daughter love kayaking and camping. I have been fishing since I was nine years old and I have been a serious fisherman since I was 16. Living in Western NY we are fortunate to have many great fishing opportunities for many different species of fish. I am a multi-species angler and I fish for whatever fish happens to be “in season” at that time of the year. I fish for Salmon in the early Fall, Steelhead and Trout in the late Fall, I Ice Fish in the winter, Panfish and Carp in the Spring and finally bass fishing in the Summer. I use my kayak every chance I get. I really enjoy Salmon fishing from my Native Watercraft Slayer 14.5! In the past, I used to be a tournament bass fisherman and retired from that around 2000.

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Rick Drew
East Hampton, NY, US
Growing up fishing eastern Long Island I have enjoyed spending time on the water with several truly amazing fisherman, some of whom are legends of our rich local fishing history. Through these friendships and many years of hard core fishing with clients, family and friends I have learned a great deal about our local waters and fisheries (Southampton to Montauk). Backwater, flats and surf fishing opportunities abound in the Peconic Bay Estuary.

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Ed Humberson
Pittsburgh, PA, US
I have been actively fishing freshwater from shore since childhood. Being from Pittsburgh, we have 3 major river systems, as well as numerous tributaries, lakes, creeks, and ponds where I have gained experience fishing for bass, trout, steelhead, walleye, catfish, and pan fish. I always love to sneak in a few hours of fishing during the evening after work, and on the weekends I tend to travel a bit farther for full day fishing adventures. When I am not physically fishing, I am reading, researching, or participating in forum discussions about fishing. I have always enjoyed throwing on the waders and hitting the creeks the most until my eyes were opened to the growing sport of kayak fishing. Ever since I picked up my first kayak (native redfish 12), I have been as hooked as the fish on my line. I love kayak fishing and participating in bass fishing tournaments with my local club Kayak Anglers of Western PA. I am also proud to use and support the Native brand in my fishing adventures.

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Jamie Pittman
Harrisonville, PA, US
I have been fishing all my life but out of Native Watercraft for four years. I am on the water somewhere every chance I get, usually every weekend, holiday, rain, shine, and yes snow too. I prefer river fishing, but do fish lakes when river conditions are too high. Myself and my better half love chasing big bronze on the Suquehanna and Junianta rivers.

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Ricky Wolbert
Philadelphia, PA, US
Ricky Wolbert is a Philadelphia native, with saltwater in his veins. As a kayak fishing guide and tournament angler, he specializes in striped bass, bluefish, weakfish (grey trout), and fluke (flounder) with both fly and conventional light tackle, along the New Jersey shore’s beaches, back bays, and rivers, not to mention he likes to chase smallmouth bass and trout in the Delaware River as well. Rick is also a co-owner of Broken Rod Kayak Fishing Charters, an instructional, multi-destination and species guide service, offering trips in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He is a contributor for Susquehanna Fishing Magazine and, as well as a pro staffer for Temple Fork Outfitters rods, and a member of the leadership team with the New Jersey chapter of Heroes on the Water.

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Robert Griffith
Vandergrift, PA, US
I have been fishing for the past 40 years, and began kayak fishing about six years ago. I am an avid fisherman, spending most of my spare time on the water. My main focus are the bodies of water in Northwest Pennsylvania, but I also travel to neighboring states on a regular basis, mostly in the eastern Ohio and western New York areas. My two passions are panfish and bass, although I also dabble in walleye, and occasional salt water fishing when I can get there (striper, redfish, flounder, trout). I participate in local kayak fishing tournaments on a regular basis, with my highest finishes thus far being a second and third. In addition to open water fishing in a kayak or bass boat, I also ice fish during winter months to keep my skills honed.

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Jason Schall
Charleston, SC, US
Jason is a competitive saltwater, freshwater, and fly fishing angler. He has been featured in more than a hundred different media publications for his fishing success. Jason is a lifetime member of the IGFA, and a current state and world record holder. He has been named both Saltwater and Freshwater Inshore Angler of the Year, as well as an Ecology Award winner for most gamefish released. He has served on the Board of three major fishing tournaments, including one of the longest running fishing tournaments in the Southeast. He has won more than a dozen tournaments within the past two years, including being named the Grand Slam Award winner. He is a passionate fisherman, kayaker, conservationist, and outdoorsman who is generous with this time and enjoys helping others.

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Scott Harper
Mt Juliet, TN, US
If asked, I would say I am a tournament angler. The excitement of devising a strategy for new water is what drives my passion. The joy of sharing that knowledge is what sustains my efforts to explore and continue to learn.

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Chad Lyden
Vidor, TX, US
I live in Southeast Texas and have been fishing both freshwater and saltwater for most of my life with saltwater being my preferred. I started kayak fishing about six years ago and fell in love with it with no looking back. About three years ago I got into fishing redfish tournaments and now spend the majority of time chasing redfish in the marsh and looking into expanding the area's that I fish and fishing more tournaments. This winter I have started spending more time on the water honing my skills on winter time speckled trout fishing and looking at fishing some of the trout tournaments in the coming months.

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Daniel Peters
Magnolia, TX, US
I am a native Texan that has resided in the Northwest Houston area for 33 years. I am very active in the outdoors including hunting, but fishing is what I love, especially from my Native Mariner kayak. Since preserving the future is what fishing is really all about, I am also active in conservation efforts. As a member of the Seven Coves Bass Club, an 80 member Texas B.A.S.S Nation Club, I am proud to say that the club has been nationally recognized for its tireless efforts to promote self-awareness and positive actions towards our environment and the future of fishing. I am also the Director of the FMC United Way Fishing Tournament. Each year we hold a freshwater and/or saltwater fishing tournament of which a portion of the proceeds go to the United Way of the Greater Houston Area. Over the past four years the tournaments have raised nearly $60,000 for the United Way in proceeds and matching contributions.

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Jason O'Brien "the Ninja"
Fort Worth, TX, US
I have been Bass fishing for over twenty years and kayak Bass fishing for fourteen years. Bass is my species. I love hunting for monster Bass in a kayak. I am an avid kayak Bass tournament fisherman claiming consistent top placings, including a recent first place and team win (North!) in the CCKF "North Texas vs. South Texas” tourney, a best of the best bragging right tourney. I am also a proud co-founder of North Texas Kayak Bass Fishing Club (NTKBF), which is a tourney series made for off season fishing and is a great opportunity for first time tourney fisherman to get there feet wet.

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Marcus Villanueva
Pflugerville, TX, US
I have been fishing since before I can remember, at least thirty-one years. I grew up bank and boat fishing for catfish and crappie in Central Texas with my dad. It wasn't until a few years back when I got my first kayak that I was able to begin learning how to fish for bass. Ever since, I have focused most of my fishing time on bass. Since 2012, fishing kayak bass tournaments, I have placed in the top 10 a total of 12 times with two top 2 finishes and four top 3 finishes. I have been blessed to have a wife who enjoys the outdoors as much as me. We have kayaked/fished all over Texas, from the coast to far West Texas. Away from the water I like to write and make videos over various kayaking and fishing topics and experiences. As well as showcase some of my wife's on the water photography. They can be found on my blog

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Ryan McDermid
San Marcos, TX, US
As a child I grew up fishing the lakes and bays of Texas from bank and boat. It wasn't until several years ago that I discovered kayaking as the premier way to access fisheries. I now bass fish predominately in Central Texas lakes and rivers both recreationally and competitively. I still fish Texas bays occasionally but more often than not you will find me fishing for bass. I complete in kayak bass fishing tournaments both locally and nationally.

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Shaun Russell
Valley View, TX, US
Shaun grew up camping and fishing with his parents in Texas while still in diapers. "I can't remember the first time I picked up a fishing pole, I just can't ever remember there not being one in my hands". He grew up and went from fishing for bluegill and catfish to concentrating his efforts on studying the habits of large mouth bass. He sold his bass boat a couple years ago and bought his first kayak. After a couple months he found the flexibility of the kayak allowed him to fish the areas he had jumped over so quickly before more thoroughly now. He also found he was catching much larger bass than he did while fishing from a bass boat. Although not having to worry about the cost of gas, oil, maintenance, insurance, etc... of the bass boat was a major reason why he sold the bass boat, he found kayaking to be a more rewarding way to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the waters he fished. "I've made some great friends through kayak bass fishing that share the same beliefs and respect for the waters we share and the fish we pursue. I enjoy helping new kayakers get into this great sport and look forward to the opportunity to help grow the sport of kayak fishing in the north Texas area

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Dale Sturdifen
Chase City, VA, US
As an avid outdoorsman, I am a certified Boater Education and Hunter Education Instructor in Virginia. I am an expert angler in Virginia and was award the 2013 Angler of the Year in the Gar category. My winning gar weighed 20 lbs., was 53 inches long and was taken while in my Native Watercraft. I started using the Ultimate 14.5 several years ago and knew then that this was an ideal bow fishing and hunting platform. I use my Native Watercraft during hunting and trapping season as much as I do during fishing season. I feel that this segment in the hunting, outdoor field isn't promoted as much as it could be and I am always thrilled to help introduce people to some additional uses for the Native Watercraft.

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Edward Crumb
Suffolk, VA, US
My name is Edward “Ted” Crumb and I live in South East Virginia. I am 41 years old and have been hunting and fishing as long as I can remember. In the spring, summer and fall you can find me on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay fishing in my kayak. I fish as much as possible and try to be on the water at least twice a week. Fishing out of my kayak is a true passion of mine. I guess I could fish out of a boat, but what fun is that. I like to be next to the fish, on top of them or sneaking up on them. Waterfowl hunting has been a passion of mine since the first time I went. I try to hunt as much as possible during the season and spend close to 50 days hunting ducks, geese and deer. I believe there is a huge market for promoting kayak hunting for waterfowl, which I don’t see much...I want to be on the forefront of bringing kayak hunting to the public along with fishing!

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Kris Lally Lozier
Virginia Beach, VA, US
At this point I have been fishing six years out of a kayak. There are many things that are probably noteworthy but I am having a hard time with this Bio thing. I love the sport and am happy to share my knowledge and passion anytime I have an opportunity. In some ways I think I can bring a unique prospective to the table, as a female angler. I do have to say, I am most proud of five years active volunteer service for our local HOW chapter, Tidewater.

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Robert Lee
Virginia Beach , VA, US
I have been an outdoorsman since I was able walk, learning from those before me like my father and grandfather. I am a kayak fishing filmmaker for Yaktastic Adventures, as well as an avid Heroes on the Water supporter and volunteer. I fish the mighty Chesapeake Bay, and its tributaries, specializing in catching numerous species like Redfish, trout, flounder, and striper.

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Keith Gelhar
Milwaukee, WI, US
Keith Gelhar grew up fishing and paddling from his father's 17ft. Grumman aluminum canoe. When he purchased his first kayak in 2004, he rediscovered his love for the quiet sport of paddling and fishing. Keith guides on local inland lakes for bass, northern and pan fish. He specializes in fishing for salmon and trout on Lake Michigan where trolling is the predominant method used to locate and catch fish.

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John Gills
Princeton, WV, US
I was raised in Southern West Virginia and my dad raised me to love the outdoors with a special love for the water and fishing. In 25 years I’ve fished almost every major water way on the east coast from Claytor Lake in Virginia to Lake Okeechobee in Florida to Lake Fort Phantom in Texas, and to every little pond and creek I could find. I am a United States Air Force veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. After my tour in the military I returned home to West Virginia and now I am serving my community as a Deputy Sheriff with the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department. I have been deep sea fishing, pier fishing, surf fishing, and flats fishing off the East coast of Florida. My current days find me in my kayak on local lakes, and rivers fishing in bass tournaments. I am the Vice President and Co-Founder of the Mountain State Kayak Anglers. I am a member of the Kayak Mafia, (KBF Nation) and a team leader on Kayak Wars. I am also starting the West Virginia chapter of Heroes on the Water getting Veterans’ out kayak fishing.

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International Pro Staff
Ben Faro
Melbourne , Victoria, Australia
I cut my teeth at the age of 5 fishing scrub worms for trout on the banks of Lake Eildon. It was those family camping trips that sparked a passion that has been with me ever since. In 2008 I purchased my first ever kayak, a Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Propel which took my passion for fishing and turned it into an obsession! All of a sudden there was no piece of water that was off limits and I found myself catching fish in places I'd never dreamed possible. I'm pretty happy catching anything with fins nowadays but spend most of my time fly and lure fishing for estuary perch, bream and snapper. I also have a love for Australian native fish and regularly find myself drifting a river in NSW fishing for bass or throwing spinnerbaits and hard bodies for Murray cod and golden perch. I live to get involved with anything fishing related and have been part of a number of fishing clubs and stocking program's as well as working for various fishing tackle and kayak stores across Melbourne. This has enabled me to mix business with pleasure and share and promote my love of kayak fishing with like minded people.

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Jo Starling
Tuross Head, New South Wales, Australia
Fishing has always been in my life, but it only "took over" in 2007. Since that first all womens barramundi tournament in the crocodile-dominated waters of Australia's Top End, I've been addicted. Having now shunned my corporate suit and closed my fancy-pants advertising agency, I focus entirely on fishing and fishing-related business. I've followed my lures all over Australia and further afield, casting flies or conventional lures at fish in New Zealand, Timor Leste, Cook Islands and Indonesia. Hailing from Darwin in the Northern Territory of Oz, kayak fishing was never on my radar due to my respectful wish to stay as far away from the crocodiles as possible. However, two years ago saw me relocate to the more hospitable waterways of the far south coast of New South Wales and thus, my kayak fishing adventure began! Whilst there are no barra down in these safer waters, there are plenty of other species to keep me constantly challenged and inspired. You can keep up with my adventures and connect with me on my Fishings cool page on Facebook.

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Uri Ben-Avraham
Albany, , Australia
I have lived in Albany since 2002 and know the community and the local waterways well. My wife has lived in Albany since 1965 and has had a long familial connection with the local salmon fishing industry. We are both committed to our region and would not think to live anywhere else. I live to fish and I would like the opportunity to 'fish to live.' To that end, my wife and I have started a kayak tour and charter company called the 'Great Southern Discovery'. We use Native Watercraft Mariner 12.5 Multisport kayaks exclusively, as we find these are best for our waterways, which vary from inland to offshore. We are passionate about our NW’s and totally convinced of their virtues.

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Derek Whidden
Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Unlike most I have not been fishing my whole life, so I feel like I need to make up for lost time. When I discovered the joys of kayak angling I discovered for the first time that I live in a "lake" rich part of Central Ontario and I am never more than an hour from hitting water of some kind. I involve my family as much as they will tolerate. Living where I do I have targeted, Chinook, Coho, Rainbow, Large and Smallmouth Bass, Pike, Muskie, Walleye, Carp and even Sheephead. If it swims I have tried to catch it. I am known in my home town as that "crazy guy who fishes for kings from a kayak" and I love to answer questions about kayaks, tackle and just about anything related to fishing. I have enjoyed competing in the Border City Classic for the last three seasons, and recently the Scugog Tourney Series events. I have recently signed on with Scugog Tourney Series as a Pro Staff and I share the vision of the founder to promote kayak angling within my community and surrounding community of lakes and rivers in our region of Ontario. My knowledge of my local waters is growing and my list of honey holes grows with every outing.

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Jason Jorgensen
Salisbury, New Brunswick, Canada
My Grandfather Albert taught me to fly-fish at the age of eight. Now, I am always on the water, even in rain. I grew up in Chiefland, Florida and moved to Canada in 2005.I have fished most sport species of fish available in Florida, I have also done lots of trout fishing in Washington, and Colorado. I just love the sport and love boating as well.

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Don Chen
, , Singapore
I started fishing when my officer in the military brought me on my first offshore fishing trip. Ever since, I was addicted. However, fishing on chartered boats in Singapore meant that I don't have the freedom to go wherever I want or whenever I want. Getting my own boat was never an option because of the massive cost involved. This led me to look into fishing on my own kayak. No docking cost, no fuel cost, I go as I pleased and I fish wherever I want! Mathew was one of the pioneers of the small fishing community back then. In 2010, I got in contact with him and eventually bought my first kayak. We started posting our videos online and in no time, we had massive support from our local fishing community. In 2013, Mathew bought the Native Watercraft Mariner 10.5. The need for a more advanced and specialized fishing kayak got to me and I followed up to order my very own. Ever since then, our passion grew leaps and bounds. We have our own Facebook page, Youtube channel and are now officially sponsored by CatchBay and Railblaza.

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Mathew Tan
Singapore, , Singapore
I’m married to a wonderful and beautiful wife, and blessed with two kids. All are supportive of my love for fishing, which started off at the tender age of nine years old! Many years later, I'm is still into the sport and try to get out as much as I can. I picked up kayak fishing way back in 2008 when my Uncle first introduced me to it. My main expertise is saltwater fishing, from luring/light jigging to bottom fishing. I currently hold a possible record for biggest queensland grouper landed on a kayak in Singapore. I've also been identified as one of the pioneers of kayak fishing in Singapore. In addition to being featured in local papers, on local news stations and contributing articles for magazines like WaterWorld, I helped form the SG Yakattack YouTube channel with my buddy Don.

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