Slayer Propel 13

Slayer Propel 13

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Ranked highest in OutdoorLife magazine’s May 2017 article “The Power ‘Yak Review,” the Slayer Propel 13 is one Lean, Mean, Kayak Fishing Machine.

Considered game-changer in hands-free kayak fishing, the Slayer Propel 13 is unmatched in its ability to maintain casting distance, pull away from structure or stop on a dime when trolling to relieve rod pressure. You’ll also enjoy rock- solid stability when sight casting– even for the XXL angler.

Designed to easily customize/personalize, the Slayer Propel fishing kayak offers bow to  stern rails that easily mount Scotty, Ram and Railblaza gear. Go as big as you want or keep it to a minimum; it’s your choice. The Slayer Propel 13’s open storage compartment combines space and easy-access. The boat offers unsurpassed versatility: take it out on your local lake and fish for bass one day, then leave the drive system at home and paddle it for a day of trout fishing on your local rocky river.

So, how fast does it go?

With relaxed pedaling you can cover 4.2 miles per hour all day, and can push to 5.2 miles per hour when that thunderstorm rolls in. The low profile performs great in the wind, especially when under power and has easy-to-use left hand rudder control. The most versatile pedal-driven fishing kayak on the market, the Slayer Propel excels as well in pedal mode as paddled or poled in the skinny water. The drive unit is designed for 12”-18” minimum depth depending on load.


Propel Pedal Drive System with FORWARD AND REVERSE

Hand Sewn 1st Class Seating with Adjustable Inseam

Left Hand Rudder Control System

Impact Resistant Stern Rudder

Hard Shell Bow Hatch with Bungee

Right Hand Forward Facing Rod Holder/Cup Holder

Two Flush Mount Rod Holders Aft

Several Groove Tracks for Accessory Mounting

Premium Deck Padding for Standing

Propel Drive Trunk Cover with Accessory Tray and Cup Holder

5″ Dry Storage Hatch

Padded Carry Handles

Rear Storage Well

Super Seal Scupper Plugs

Drain Plug


Sharp Bow Entry for Tracking

Modified Tunnel Hull for Ultra Stability and Tracking

Rudder Protective Keel for Tracking



ModelLengthWidthFitted WeightDepth @ BeamCapacity
Slayer Propel 1313' 2" / 401 cm33" / 84 cm85 lbs / 38.5 kg13" / 33 cm400 lbs / 181 kg
Slayer Propel 1010' / 305 cm34" / 86 cm62 lbs / 28 kg13" / 33 cm500 lbs / 227 kg
Slayer Propel 12 LT12' / 366 cm31" / 79 cm62 lbs / 28.1 kg12" / 30 cm350 lbs / 158 kg
Slayer 1212' / 366 cm31" / 79 cm65 lbs / 29.5 kg12" / 30 cm400 lbs / 181 kg
Slayer 1414'6" / 445 cm30" / 76 cm70 lbs / 32 kg12" / 30 cm450 lbs / 204 kg
Ultimate FX 1212' 2"/ 371 cm30.5" / 77 cm52 lbs / 23.5 kg12.5" / 32 cm350 lbs / 158 kg
Ultimate FX 15 Solo15' 3" / 465 cm31" / 79 cm81 lbs / 36.5 kg12.5" / 32 cm600 lbs / 272 kg
Ultimate FX 15 Tandem15' 3" / 465 cm31" / 79 cm88 lbs / 40 kg12.5" / 32 cm600 lbs / 272 kg
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